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Denim Star® Socks for Indigo blue coloured Denim

Women's Flower Bloom Over Knee Socks

Women's Flower Bloom Over Knee Socks

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We love our Flower Bloom Over Knee Socks. A Denim Star® timeless luxury, perfect for keeping your legs looking stylish! For seasonal adaptability style with any of your Denims to create that denim on denim unique and stylish look. For styling purposes shoes and garments model own.

SKU Number DSW005

Description: Reinforced heel & toe with HoneyComb sock-top and seamless toe.

One Size Fits All: 4-8 UK 6-10 US 37-41/42 EURO
Composition: 80% Organic Cotton 17% Nylon 3% Elastane

Origin: Made in Italy

Delivery Time: UK 3 - 4 Working Days EU (European Union) 2 - 11 Working Days International 3 - 17 working days

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Customer Reviews

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Flora S.
these socks are quietly heroic.

Today I'd like to sing the praises of Denim Star socks. Most importantly, Denim Star are a brand who really care, bringing us beautiful socks made from sustainable organic cotton in an ethically certified factory in Italy. Their socks not only feel luxuriously soft but promise to bring out the best in everybody's trusted wardrobe staple: Denim. Denim Star champion gorgeous patterns in blue tones to add a little spark and individuality to your outfit. I'm sure it will come as no surprise to anyone that I chose the floral over the knee socks. They arrived in a compostable postage bag, wrapped in pretty tissue paper with not an environmentally harmful material in sight. And on unwrapping them, it was love at first sight. That pattern? Those colours? Those textures? I had to get them on my feet IMMEDIATELY (in fact, I'm wearing them as I write this, occasionally stroking the pattern on my legs a la Vic Reeves). Seriously though, if you like the sensory comfort of texture, the slightly raised pattern on these socks is a dream. Now, I'm no stranger to over the knee socks. I like them a lot, but *whispers* I don't actually end up wearing them much. I've always found that they end up either making a slow retreat towards under my kneecaps or trying to cut off the circulation to my thighs. So I don't know what magic is weaved into Denim Star over the knee socks, but I can vouch that these socks comfortably stay put. They don't dig in or roll up or down - the band is pretty much perfect in terms of width, elasticity and grip thanks to the honeycomb sock top. By the way, I tested how well they'd stay up using the following scientific methods: going up and down the stairs at varying speeds, rolling about like a lost Cats cast member and doing some Embarrassing Mum Dancing. I can confirm that they didn't budge or pinch once. The socks also feature a seamless toe, of which I am a massive fan as it means the socks are so comfy, you might just forget you're even wearing them. They're perfectly fitted to the leg and don't wrinkle or crease during wear, eliminating the possibility of any Nora Batty moments. Oh, and the reinforced heel and toe feels super strong so there'll be no "Hole-y socks, Batman!" moments with these either. I truly loved the colour and pattern, which complimented a lot more in my wardrobe than I thought. And trust me, I dug out everything denim and blue to check. Which I have shown (I hope) in my sock lookbook, or #slookbook if you will. While these socks have their own beauty, they effortlessly pull a whole look together and it's when the socks meet denim that the magic truly happens. It's a symphony of colours and textures that just works. Subtle yet strong, these socks are quietly heroic.These actually are really special. I can really feel the quality and care that's gone into them, and it's great to look down and know that not only do your socks look good, but their production isn't harming the environment or the workers involved. They are soft and comfortable to wear with no slipping or tightness, and they will elevate and enhance any outfit. Would I recommend Denim Star socks? A whole-footed YES, to any sock or denim lover.

Dear Flora I can not thank you enough for the time you have taken to review your Flower Bloom socks. It brings me great pleasure to read that you understand the level of work that has gone into this range. It is incredibly important to me that I used a fibre that's good for the planet and the people who produce it, and with an ethical supplier in Italy to help me make these artisanal socks. It is with my Italian supplier that I was able to produce the beautiful intricate knitted patterns.Your scientific methods of testing gave me a huge smile, it is wonderful for me to know that the honeycomb sock tops are doing their job of keeping long socks up on legs. Keep enjoying!

Lindy P.

Denim star socks are fabulous! Not only are they made from sustainable materials but they are really soft and comfortable to wear. They come in different patterns and styles. I have 3 pairs. The short ones are lovely and I usually wear mine with trainers and jeans and the over the knee ones I like to wear over tights with a denim dress or skirt. They look fabulous with denim and can also be worn on top of skinny jeans. These are great products which I have washed several times and they remain soft and cosy to wear. They might cost a bit more than some you find on the High Street but I think the Denim Star socks are going to last for a very long time!

Dear Lindy I love reading how you choose to style your Denim Star® socks, you can follow my Instagram account @denimstar_uk to give you further inspiration on styling tips. Their styling capabilities are limitless that is the beauty of the basics range which works all year round.It brings me joy to read that they are retaining their softness after washing which is incredibly important for the longevity of these socks. Keep enjoying!