What is “Transitional” Cotton or ‘In-conversion’ Cotton?

What is “Transitional” Cotton or ‘In-conversion’ Cotton?

Did you know for an organic cotton farm to be credited with GOTS certifications takes four years?

I am sure you can appreciate for any cotton grower what an expensive process this is. Farmers also need to know that making this transition is commercially viable.


To help support #OrganicSeptember this is to help us all understand more what does it mean for cotton to be certified as ‘GOTS Organic Cotton’. (Global Organic Textile Standard).

The certification can only be rewarded after three years, once farms have fully transitioned to organic methods. The soil needs to be clean from Pesticides, chemical fertilizers or defoliants.

The cotton that is grown before a farm is fully transitioned into an organic farm is called “Transitional” cotton or 'In-conversion’ cotton.

Therefore it is the cotton grown between transitioning from GMO (genetically modified organism) conventional cotton to be GOTS certified organic cotton. It is from year 3 when organic cotton is grown that it can be certified as GOTS by year 4.

That’s why organic matters. But for farmers to make the change, they need to know there’s a market for the in-conversion cotton they produce in the intervening period. I will be researching this more myself. Farmers therefore need clear signals from the industry that making the switch is commercially viable.


For ‘Organic September’ as quoted by the soil association ‘make one small swap!’ Swap conventional cotton for organic cotton. By making this swap you are helping designers like myself to support the organic cotton industry by working with it. You will also be supporting small brands like myself who are trying to make a difference.

In helping to plan a sustainable Christmas, Denim Star® socks are made from GOTS certified organic cotton fibre. When shopping for unique earth friendly gifts. Swap conventional cotton socks for organic cotton socks. And remember for each pair of socks brought with Denim Star® a percentage of each sale goes towards planting trees responsibly with Ecologi.

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