Greetings to those familiar with me, Emma Lucy Brown, the Founder of Denim Star®. With an illustrious 26-year tenure in the Fashion & Development Industry, I stand on a bedrock of experience that money can't buy.

Numerous emerging brands add unnecessary pressure upon themselves by fervently chasing trends and seasonal sales. Yet, is this not paradoxical to the essence of our fashion industry's evolution?

I have to call it out as from where I am sitting I see it a lot. Of course with my years upon years of training I can turn out endless collections, which in the height of the season once all research and inspiration is gathered collections would have to be designed in a matter of no more than 3 days including amendments. From being head of a design department for a Baby, Toddler and Tween brand with a team of 7 designers, your jaw would drop to the ground with astonishment of what we would achieve in 2 weeks. Across the globe I have worked with incredibly hardworking passionate people.

Emma living and working in India

Emma living and working in India

With Denim Star® I am not trying to compete with large retailers and I am not even trying to keep up with seasonal trends. What I am continuously trying to teach, show and do myself is create a sock brand that only consists of timeless classic designs that has a specific niece purpose. Denim Star® socks purpose is to monochromatically style with jeans and denims that you already have in your sartorial wardrobe. So I am not even telling you to go out and buy more denims, but I am providing you with a staple need like a sock to style with and give your denims individuality. These socks are timeless classics that will never go out of fashion, meaning I use trend solely for inspiration in styling these socks with your favourite jeans and denims. When it comes to styling the options are endless.

When buying from Denim Star® you are buying from a brand that creates valuable products with an ethical supply chain that centres the wellbeing and labour conditions of people and the planet.

Denim Star® exhibited in the new 'Purely Sustainable' buying destination at Pure London February 2023

Denim Star® exhibited in the new 'Purely Sustainable' buying destination at Pure London February 2023

This leads me on to the latest hot topic in Fashion for ‘degrowth’. This is what Denim Star® has been working on from the beginning but now in 2023 we have a word for it.


In a world where fast fashion has dominated the scene for decades, a revolutionary concept is reshaping the narrative of style and sustainability: degrowth in fashion. Departing from the 'bigger is better' ideology, this movement calls for a shift towards mindful consumption, ecological responsibility, and timeless elegance.

Fast Fashion Embellishments

Fast Fashion Embellishments

Rethinking Consumption

At its core, degrowth challenges the notion that unending growth is the key to success. In the context of fashion, it underscores the importance of quality over quantity. The race to produce more and more clothing each season has led to overproduction, immense waste, and a culture of disposability. Embracing degrowth involves creating fewer pieces, but each one thoughtfully designed, meticulously crafted, and made to endure beyond fleeting trends.

Sustainability as the New Fashion Statement

Degrowth in fashion aligns seamlessly with the escalating global demand for sustainability. Smaller-scale production and a focus on durability inherently lead to reduced carbon footprints and decreased strain on resources. The movement encourages brands to reevaluate their supply chains, seeking locally sourced materials and ethical labor practices. In doing so, fashion becomes a beacon of responsible living rather than a culprit of environmental degradation.

Elevating Personal Style

A capsule wardrobe, a centerpiece of the degrowth approach, exemplifies the principle of 'less is more.' This practice centers on a curated collection of versatile garments that withstand the test of time, thus combating the incessant cycle of consumerism. By promoting mindful selection over impulse buying, individuals can refine their personal style and embrace the beauty of simplicity. Degrowth encourages us to break free from the pressure of amassing a closet full of trends and instead encourages us to embrace pieces that resonate with our identity.

Empowering Conscious Consumers

Degrowth fosters a profound shift in consumer behavior, pushing back against the culture of excess. Instead of being swayed by temporary trends, consumers are inspired to be discerning and considerate. The movement prompts us to ask vital questions: Where did this garment come from? Who made it? What impact did its production have on the environment? Through such inquiry, consumers become active participants in reshaping the industry, supporting brands that prioritize ethics and sustainability.

Craftsmanship and Artistry

The degrowth philosophy rejuvenates the appreciation for craftsmanship and artistry. As brands move away from mass production, the emphasis returns to the meticulous skill and creativity involved in fashion design. This shift transforms the act of wearing clothes from a mindless routine to a celebration of human ingenuity.

Reviving Clothing Connections

In a world that glorifies rapid consumption, degrowth calls us to rediscover the sentimental value of our garments. It prompts us to invest in pieces that hold meaning, pieces that become a part of our personal narrative. Repairing, upcycling, and customizing our clothes rekindles our connection with them and minimizes the waste that comes from discarding the old for the allure of the new.

The Path Forward

Degrowth in fashion isn't a rejection of style; rather, it's an evolution. It's a call to abandon the excess that has defined fashion for too long and embrace a vision that merges elegance with sustainability. By curating timeless wardrobes, advocating for transparent supply chains, and embracing the artistry behind clothing, we can pave the way for a fashion industry that thrives without compromising our planet or our values.

In a world yearning for change, the degrowth movement presents a paradigm shift that aligns fashion with responsibility. It's a movement that empowers us to redefine fashion as a celebration of individuality, artistry, and ecological harmony. With each garment that embodies these principles, we stitch together a more sustainable and beautiful future.
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